Study on fungicide-induced/primed molecular and physiological effects on barley


Team: Falk Behrens

Supported by BASF, 2015-2017



Plants can be induced/primed by various biotic and abiotic stresses giving unique physiological states like enhanced disease resistance or tolerance to certain abiotic stresses. This effect has been observed by infection with necrotizing pathogens or colonization of plant roots by beneficial microorganisms as well as by stimulation of various natural and synthetic compounds. Understanding of the underlying molecular mechanism(s) might provide novel approaches to exploit the genetic potential of plants for increasing plant resistance to pathogen attack as well as tolerance to environmental stresses in the practice, and is therefore of great scientific and practical importance. In this project following activities are planned:


  • Determination of effects of fungicide application on plant response to various biotic and abiotic stresses


  • Analysis of the molecular mechanisms


  • Identification of master-switch genes