Investigation of genetic diversity from Brassica napus and related species as source for new resistance traits in rapeseed-ENGENDER

Team: Jan Menkhaus, Wanzhi Ye, Yan Zhao, Thomas Bergmann
Grant No.: 22006516, supported by FNR/BMBF-Bioökonomie, 2017-2020
Partner: NPZ Innovation GmbH (NPZi)



In the frame of the research project ENGENDER we focus on exploring plant genetic diversity in the Brassica napus and related species for identification of new resistance traits against three major fungal pathogens, Verticillium longisporum, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Pyrenopeziza brassicae in rapeseed. Genotypes identified with good quantitative or qualitative resistance will serve as starting materials for in-depth phenotypical, molecular and genetic analysis in order to investigate the mechanisms of the resistances. The research activities encompass


  • Localization of genomic regions (QTL) causative for plant resistance by genome wide association studies


  • Determination of genes or other genetic factors inside QTL regions for resistance by RNAseq in combination with targeted sequencing approach


  • Functional identification of candidate genetic factors through the investigation of corresponding mutant/transgenic plants in rapeseed and Arabidopsis


  • Development of molecular marker closely linked to the resistance trait and transfer of resistance traits to rapeseed elite lines by direct crossing or re-synthesis of new B. napus


  • Identification of master-switch genes involved in plant-pathogen interactions