Identification and characterization of eTMs/miRNA/sRNA networks involved in plant-pathogen interactions

Team: Falk Behrens, Samarah Rizvi, Lena Ladewig
Grant No.: 57317839, supported by DAAD, 2017-2018
Partner: Prof. Dr. Longjiang Fan, Zhejiang University, China

Our research on plant-Verticillium interactions strongly suggests that both plant and fungus derived mi/sRNAs play an indispensable role in regulating plant-pathogen interactions, and that host plant has evolved a specific mechanism by activation of endogenous target mimics (eTM) sequences to counter the fungal infection by binding to mi/sRNAs.

In this project, we will investigate eTMs/miRNAs/sRNAs networks involved in plant-pathogen interactions use the pathosystem rapeseed-Verticillium aiming at identification of the eTM-controlled plant disease resistance mechanism and its potential for improving plant disease resistance in oilseed rape (Brassica napus). Following work packages are in progress: 

  • Isolation and sequencing of small RNAs in B. napus and V. longisporum Genome-wide Identification of miRNAs/sRNAs and eTMs in infected rapeseed (B. napus) and in V. longisporum
  • Molecular characterization of candidate sequences and functional identification of candidate miRNAs and eTMs-mi/sRNA in plant-fungus interactions